Lolympics: Day 6

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're in London for the Olympics, so it's about bloody time someone won something for shooting...and gold will just have to do, I suppose. Speaking of gold, Royal Mail is painting the town -- well, its mail boxes -- gold, in celebration of all these GB medals we've scooped up. Meanwhile, someone tried to win gold with Zelda; the Olympics totally nuked an ebook festival, and the Australians show they really don't like the Naughty North Koreans.


Olympics Good

- Someone Tried to Win Gold Dancing to Zelda Music
- Bradley Wiggins Celebrates Like a Boss -- I Give You Our Greatest Ever Olympian
- What If Every Olympic Sport Was Photographed Like Beach Volleyball?
- Poorly-Positioned Screen Banner Suggests Daley's Into a Bit of Indecent Exposure
- Royal Mail to Paint Post Boxes Gooooold!
- Wilson Shows the World Brits Are Pretty Handy With a Shotgun


Olympics Bad 

- Man Killed Cycling Home From the Games By Olympics Bus
- The Olympics Totally Nukes an Ebook Festival (But Would Anyone Really Go Anyway?)


Olympics Ugly 

- The Australians Really Don't Like the North Koreans
- Suarez Moans About Abusive GB Crowd
- Yet More Empty Seats (Will LOCOG Ever Get Its Act Together and Solve the Issue?)

Image credit: Olympics sprinter and Conference from Shutterstock, Instagram, Twitter

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