Lolympics: Day 7

By Sam Gibbs on at

In London 2012, even gold medalists take to the Tube, although probably not when there's a Central line collapse just when it starts to get busy. Anyway, that didn't stop our boys winning gold in the cycling last night, nor did it stop the remote-control Minis taking centre stage in the Olympic Stadium. Plus, have you ever wondered what athletes listen to on those massive cans they all seem to wear? Wonder no more, just mind out for the topless Ukrainian feminists while you're out and about, OK?


Olympics Good

- More Gold For Hoy and Co
- Sergio Ramos Pulls a "Phelps" and Totally Annihilates His Real Madrid Team Mate, Kaka In the 50m Freestyle
- Even Gold Medalists Take the Tube
- Swimming Looks Somehow Easier in Lego
- Ever Wondered What Athletes LIsten to Before Going For It?
- You Can Watch Olympics From John Lewis For £2-a-Pop -- Funds Go to Local Charities
- Remote-Control Minis Are the Proving Pretty Useful as Robotic Slaves


Olympics Bad 

- Britain Out of Archery, We're Just Not as Good as Our Longbow-Using Days
- The Olympics Are Killing Off Businesses
- Team GB Women's Sprint Team Disqualified


Olympics Ugly 

- London 2012 Ticket Site Crash Leaves Punters Fuming
- Central Line Tube Chaos on Biggest Games Day Yet
- Olympic Procession Gatecrasher Apologises
- The IOC Gets Ukrainian Topless Feminist Protest (Warning: Possibly NSFW)
- Unofficial Olympic Ticket Alert Twitter Feed Blocked Because of Touts

Image credit: Olympics sprinter and Archery from Shutterstock, a_marga from flickr, Twitter

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