Lost In Your Own Home? Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Their 22-Strong Coalition Want to Help

By Sam Gibbs on at

When you get indoors, God help you if you get lost, because your GPS is utterly useless. A band of brothers companies, including the likes of Sony, Samsung and Nokia, wants to rectify that with their In-Location Alliance, forged against the axis of poor indoor positioning.

The idea is that the motley crew will pool their resources and make indoor positioning actually work. The goal is to make it accurate, efficient, mobile and easy to use -- basically your Google maps will get a boost from solutions apparently based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

I can't see it ever being quite as accurate as a GPS or Glonass fix, but any improvement in location tracking while indoors is a good thing. I mean, considering it rains so much, us Brits probably spend more time indoors than anyone else. And if you've ever been to Bluewater or the Bullring, you'll know just how easy it is to get trapped lost in the shopping malls of hell. Get me outta here now! [Nokia via The Verge via TechRadar]