Mario Kart Is Coming to the PS3, Sort of

By Sam Gibbs on at

LittleBig Planet Karting has just finished its beta, complete with a really good track editor. What did a load of users decide to do with said track editor? Why, make Sony's new karting game into the iconic Mario Kart, of course, and I'll be honest, the results aren't half bad.

Now, Sony's not suggesting you do such a thing, and who knows whether the tracks will survive the beta-to-release migration, but at least you know it's possible. Mario Kart is about the only thing that makes me wish I'd bought a Wii. LittleBig Planet Karting looks pretty damn good, especially if it captures the spirit of Mario Kart too. Just add a decent fake Rainbow road and I'm sold. Take a look at the four tracks Kotaku captured in its little comparison video. [Kotaku]