Metal Paper Clips Banned By NHS Health and Safety Police Because They're Just Too Dangerous

By Sam Gibbs on at

If anyone has ever said that health and safety isn't just a little overreaching in the UK, this should put that to bed. NHS Manchester has "prohibited" the use of metal paperclips "due to recent incidents", issuing a demand that they must be "disposed of immediately" -- Clippy must be turning in his grave.

Apparently the immediate withdrawal of the humble paper attachment device was brought on after someone cut their finger on one. Now, all metal clips must be replaced by plastic ones, should other fasting alternatives not prove suitable.

It's hilarious that in hospitals, surgeries and clinics, of all places, the heads of the NHS in Manchester think staff need nursing to the extent that a frankly less-than-lethal bit of stationary warrants an immediate and wide-sweeping ban.

One NHS staffer told the Manchester Evening News that:

"It is ridiculous. They’re vaguely sharp, like drawing pins and fountain pens. I can only assume top brass think that they’ve employed idiots who need nannying through the working day."

What's next? Staples, because you can get one stuck in your finger? Or perhaps ballpoint pens, because if you try hard enough, you can get one to puncture skin? Classic. [Metro]

Image credit: Paper clips and Banned from Shutterstock