Microsoft Got 99 Problems But Retina Graphics Ain't One

By Jon Partridge on at

The Retina Macbook Pro has a pretty gorgeous display, but not all apps are updated to take advantage of the massive resolution just yet. Most developers are going to be updating their apps to make them look squeaky clean for the new screen, but Microsoft is not one of them, and will be leaving Office for Mac users with blurry messes to contend with.

Microsoft updated its Office for Mac blog last month with a post announcing that the program is ready for Mountain Lion, yet users have since filled the comment box up with complaints that the suite looks fuzzy or blurry. One staff member did respond, saying that "Outlook for Mac 2011 already supports Retina Display and the remaining apps will have the same viewing quality as on any non-Retina device."

However, they then continued to state that, "Unfortunately at this time, we cannot comment on any future updates regarding supporting Retina on Word, Excel or PowerPoint."

Fonts in Office are processed by the application itself rather than at the OS level, meaning the whole suite would need an update. It looks like Retina users might have to start looking elsewhere for their office applications to keep their eyes from melting away. [TechRadar]