Netflix Declares War on Sky's Movie Monopoly

By Gary Cutlack on at

The cosy Sky Movies domination of the big-name film scene might be about to come to an end, if quotes from the boss of Netflix are to be believed.

Reed Hastings, the founder and chief exec of the streaming movie service, has claimed he's ready to take the battle to Sky and will attempt to snatch the first-showing film rights from the satellite broadcaster.

Hastings said: "We will be really aggressive in our bidding. It may be that we win in the first round. It may be that it takes two or three years, but we’re incredibly confident that we will win the bidding for some of Pay 1."

Pay 1 is what you might call the rights to show the biggest films first. Any win here would seriously damage Sky's reputation of being the best place to watch films and also give Netflix some serious future blockbusters to stake a claim to.

Meanwhile, Netflix says it has already breached the 1m user limit in the UK and Ireland, only seven months after its high-profile arrival. [Telegraph]