Netflix Launches 'Post-play' Experience to Make Your Lazy Days Even Lazier

By Jon Partridge on at

By all that is lazy in the world, Netflix have just upped up the stakes by letting you watch back-to-back TV episodes, cutting down the end-credits and queueing up the next episode for your enjoyment. So that means all you have to do is just sit back, relax and worry about the food.

The new Netflix "post-play" experience will cut short the end credits off of TV shows and will start playing the next episode in 15 seconds, meaning you have a little bit of time to grab your next bowl of popcorn. The feature is also applicable to films, although slightly differently. During the end credits, three further titles are suggested to the viewer, so you can continue that Die Hard marathon quite easily.

The only way Netflix could make the process any lazier is if they managed to come up with some kind of contraption that dips your Doritos and feeds 'em to you at the same time, but I'm sure they've got something similar cooking up on R&D. Your move, LoveFilm.