Nokia Says "Things Are About To Change" in a Blaze of Hipster Glory in This Teaser

By Jon Partridge on at

We're expecting Nokia to drop a couple of phones come September 5th at the joint-Microsoft bash, but this hipster-tinged video from Nokia's official YouTube channel could hint to something a little bit extra, or something pretty huge entirely.

The video, which seems to be shot on a camera phone, shows a lovely lady with braided hair and a cardigan riding her white bike through what seems to be some kind of dock whilst making all sorts of gestures to the camera. But hipster-ness aside, more importantly, it also features the caption "Things Are About To Change" as well as a date for September 5th. Looks like Nokia has something big to pull from their proverbial sleeves, and I'm pretty excited. Anyone else intrigued for next week or is it just me? [YouTube via The Verge]