Nokia's Designers Go For Generic Approach With New Windows Phone Models

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rather rough collection of photos of three supposed new Nokia Windows Phone models has appeared, giving us what might be a first look at the hardware it's set to announce during that rumoured September hardware reveal.

The three models offer three different screen sizes, with Nokia offering a 4" model, a 4.3" option and the larger 4.65" display in order to keep everyone happy. There's not what you'd call any sort of coherence around the design of the three possible new WP models, though, with Nokia rounding the corners of one, squaring off another and generally presenting a range of what looks like rather generic smartphones.

We'd go for the middle one if threatened into making a choice at knifepoint, as it could pass for a Galaxy S III if you were to scratch off where it says "Nokia." [WPDang via WMPoweruser]