O2's Pocket Hotspot Gets You a Wi-Fi Hit for £59

By Gary Cutlack on at

This workmanlike black box is O2's attempt at capturing a bit of the 3G Wi-Fi hotspot scene that's currently dominated by Three's popular MiFi dongle, with the network offering its new O2 Pocket Hotspot for £59.99.

That money gets you the unit itself. The idea is you pay another charge for a larger chunk of data when you need it, with O2 offering its users 1GB of data for £10.21 or 2GB for £15.32, both of which expire after 30 days. There's also a 200MB daily option, accessible for £2.04 a day, ideal for people not very good at maths.

Five mobile things can connect to it at once, although splitting a crackly 3G signal five ways won't feel particularly satisfying. [O2]