OnLive: Nothing Will Change, as We've Just Been Bought

By Sam Gibbs on at

The OnLive saga just got stranger. After seemingly firing all its staff and technically shuttering under a fancy form of bankruptcy, it seems nothing's actually changed. Business as usual according to OnLive -- just a minor hiccup.

After a quick bit of restructuring, under what's called an “Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors,” it seems a new company has come in and bought the whole lot up. I say a new company -- it seems it's basically the people behind OnLive, now backed by Lauder Partners. If you're a fan of the gaming service, rest assured that service will continue as normal, with no change of anything for you.

Recent announcements and scheduled launches will go ahead as planned, and it seems it's only the number of staff still at OnLive that's changed, on the face of it. Half of the original workers were hired back, with more being hired after additional funding rounds -- if anyone wants to actually invest in OnLive after all this, that is.

So, OnLive lives, presumably with reduced debt now, which is great news for the likes of the Ouya, and anyone who uses the service. Does anyone actually use OnLive though? It seems that's the real problem.