OUYA Gets Square Enix Onboard, Signs Media Deal and Launches New Limited Edition Hardware for Backers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Media company VEVO is the latest tech firm to get itself excited about the potential of the OUYA Android gaming console, signing up to the crowd-funded hardware project as its official media provider. It is a media box as well as a games machine after all.

The move will see VEVO's collection of music videos and original programming, some of which is supplied in HD, available through the tiny gaming cube. VEVO says it'll be onboard from OUYA's launch, which is currently scheduled for March 2013.

Meanwhile, gaming firm Square Enix, creator of the famed Final Fantasy series, has announced its own support for OUYA, with a custom version of Final Fantasy III in the pipeline for the console. That's not a huge deal as FFIII is already out on iOS and for other Android devices, but still. It's a game.

Finally, the most recent OUYA project update also says this will be the last week on Kickstarter for the team, with one new bonus added for any late arriving financial backers -- an alternate colour console and controller. The brown model's yours if you pledge $140 or more (plus $20 shipping for us over here) to help make the Android console dream real. [OUYA via PCMag]