Ouya's Going to Have XBMC too

By Sam Gibbs on at

Things just keep getting better for the Android gaming sensation, Ouya. Despite a rubbish name, it's recently gained the support of OnLive and Vevo, plus even Square-Enix is on-board too. Now we're hearing the Android console will also get a splash of XBMC to turn this thing into a one-stop entertainment shop.

The team behind XBMC has pledged to port the media centre platform over to the Ouya, which should turn it into an all-formats Android-based media powerhouse. The team will even get early access to the Ouya, to make sure things are ready for launch. As Ars Technica points out, XBMC could even be the unifying front end for the Ouya for emulators and ROMs, thanks to its Advanced Launcher add-on.

The irony here, is that Google's been trying to do a similar thing for ages with its much maligned Google TV, but has never managed it, even with its current Google TV 2.0. Could Ouya turn into the ultimate game-playing media-machine to have under your TV? With all this support, it really could. [XBMC via Ars Technica]