Palm Reincarnated as Gram; Shifts Focus to Software, UX and the Cloud

By Jon Partridge on at

The company behind The Little OS That Simply Couldn't, is changing form yet again. after being formerly dubbed by HP the (rather boring) webOS Global Business Unit, it is now emerging as a totally new and fresh identity called Gram, alongside a slight tilt in focus.

Coupled with a pretty nifty butterfly-inspired logo, the company is no longer in the consumer devices market, and according to webOS Nation, is instead looking towards "software, user experience, cloud, engineering, and partnering." Quite the handful then.

Gram is not your traditional web start-up though, as the company will still be wholly-owned by HP, but it will also be able to look outside for additional investment. With quite the focus on a variety of different areas, we're not exactly sure what Gram is going to do, but despite webOS under-performing in the past, I'm sure we can look forward to whatever it is they are doing in the future. [webOS Nation via The Verge -- Thanks, Darrell!]