Panasonic's Glasses Free 103-Inch 3D TV Is Disappointingly Rubbish

By Sam Gibbs on at

When it comes to glasses-free 3D TVs, we've had the bar set really quite high by the amazing Lumabox, and to be honest, Panasonic's latest offering is just pants compared to it.

OK, the Lumabox isn't actually available yet, but then again neither is Panasonic's 103-incher, and in following such a high benchmark, traditional manufactures like Panasonic still have a really long way to go. It's a massive screen, but it's far from a watchable experience -- bigger is most definitely not better.

The 103-incher had very definite horizontal and vertical sweet spots, outside of which you got massive cross talk and a blurred screen -- not exactly what you want from any screen, let alone the holy grail of a glasses-free 3D TV. Still, when anchored into one of the sweet spots, the depth projection was pretty impressive, but it really struggled with movement. Compared to both active-shutter and passive glasses-equipped 3D, it was painful watching experience, and certainly not something you'd have in the home (you do have a home big enough for a 103-incher, right?).

Unfortunately, Panasonic's latest effort at glasses-free 3D remains just a gimmick for now. When one small company, like Luma, can bust out technology like the Lumabox that genuinely produces a convincing, better-than-glasses-equipped 3D, why the hell can't the likes of Panasonic? Time to licence that stuff guys, and give me a 46-incher that I can actually fit in my typically British-sized home while you're at it, alright?