Paul Daniels and his Bizarre Magic Calculator App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Not-quite-forgotten magician Paul Daniels has released an iOS app he describes as being a calculator, only it's a bit more exciting than that. It's a MAGIC CALCULATOR.

Or, in fact, it's more like a simple trick, designed to let users fool their friends into thinking they have a mastery of magic. Once you've been through the setup process, the magic app lets you slightly amaze people by being able to pick a specific word out of a page of a book, by generating a predetermined answer to a maths question.

Whoever's performing the trick looks up the answer beforehand and writes the predicted word on a piece of paper, then enjoys life as lovely ladies like Debbie McGee throw themselves at them thanks to their newfound magical powers. 69p is how much it costs to generate the illusion of being a magician. [iTunes via @StuartDredge]