Philips Gives You a QWERTY Keyboard On Your Remote For Your Smart TV-Using Pleasure

By Sam Gibbs on at

Despite rumours of the death of Philips' TV business, the 5-month old TP Vision is keen to show us that Philips TVs are alive and kicking with two new, good-looking smart TVs. Because, apparently, that's what the consumer wants -- more smart in your TV, and now with a keyboard on the back of your remote too.

The "frameless" 6900 series from the Philips Design Line packs a pretty slim-looking frame with a slim screen bezel making it appear frameless. It's got the usual assortment of features including smart TV; 3D; full HD, and 600Hz of pure motion smoothing, err, goodness, if you like that kind of thing, of course. It also features local dimming, which should produce deeper-looking blacks for enhanced contrast.

Topping that is the king of the TP Vision bunch, the gorgeous-looking 9000 series, which comes to the table with the latest iteration of Philips' Ambilight for lighting up your room. It's also got a "Moth Eye Filter" for reducing glare and reflections, plus an impressive 150,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It'll come in 46 and 60-inch variants, for an undisclosed sum, in the third quarter of 2012.

Both TVs come equipped with Philip's newfangled remote, which packs a QWERTY keyboard on the back and works like a Wiimote as a pointer on screen. It should make Tweeting from your TV easier -- you do want to tweet from your goggle box right? -- but something tells me that if you have to resort to a QWERTY keyboard on your TV, something is definitely wrong, but maybe that's just me.

Speaking of tweets, Philips has integrated a system that draws in live tweets about a show you're currently watching, so you can feel part of it, moaning about X-Factor or the football with the whole world.

Probably the most interesting part of TP Vision's new TV line-up was the tablet app that lets you stream broadcast TV directly from your TV to your second screen. Of course, the app will also let you stream to your TV as well, but that's more or less a given these days. It also acts as a touchscreen remote, with a full EPG to boot, which means seamless channel surfing thanks to your tablet of choice.