Police Chief: Celebrity Abuse Is Twitter's Problem, Not the Law's

By Sam Gibbs on at

Re-enforcing what quite a lot of people have been saying, a police chief from Cumbria has said that, no, we don't need new laws to tackle trolls and that more "common sense" is needed, as well as action from Twitter itself. Basically, it's Twitter's problem.

Speaking on behalf of the body representing Britain's top coppers, Stuart Hyde, chief constable of Cumbria, said that although it was right for the rozzers to intervene where lives were threatened or being made a misery by trolls, officers shouldn't be "dragged off the streets to deal with frivolous complaints" -- it's not exactly a riot, now is it?

Hyde thinks that it's Twitter's responsibility to do something to make sure people can use its service safely and securely. Frankly, it seems that even if the police really did want to deal with the Twitter trolling problem, it couldn't anyway. It's too big a task for our police force to handle without compromising other services.

While I agree, that getting serious abuse on Twitter isn't on, celebrities seem to fail to grasp the concept of the block. Twitter allows you to block people from contacting you precisely for this reason, and while it won't stop the most determined of trolls, it'll at least get rid of the abuse temporarily. [Guardian]

Image credit: Police from Shutterstock