Premier League Shut Down Over 30,000 Illegal Footie Streams

By Jon Partridge on at

According to the BBC, the Premier League had quite the task on its hands over the past year, as they had more than 30,000 illegal streams of matches to deal with, which appears to be around more than 75 streams per game broadcasting over the internet last season. That's quite a lot of streams!

The league claims that streaming games is a massive problem and will look towards new anti-piracy laws against people sorting out these streams. A report last month claimed that there has been a fast rise of illegal streams over the past year. Many sites that claim to have live footie showing simply link to pirated streams hosted all around the world that mostly use foreign broadcasts of league matches.

Many people utilise the streams to watch games that they otherwise would be unable to view legally, such as Saturday's 3pm games. Foreign broadcasters are able to show the 3pm games, and many online users are utilising illegal streams to watch their favourite teams play. However, Dan Johnson, a spokesperson for the Premier League has said "If you want top quality football, it costs money." He continued, "It's not not just about star performers getting paid well, it's about investment in facilities and youth development."

What do you guys reckon, are online footie streams in a bit of a grey area or do you think everyone should be forking out some cash to watch the game? Sound off in the comments. [via BBC Newsbeat]

Image credit: Premier League