Prince Harry Getting Snapped In the Buff Shows Celebrities Never Learn

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oh deary me. It seems Prince Harry's been enjoying himself just a little too much. So much so, he's been caught on camera in a couple of rather compromising situations. Yet another set of nudy pics surfaces, showing us that where there's a smartphone there's a naked celebrity ready to get snapped.

I know it must be hard, but surely by now celebrities have to realise that you should never, ever take a picture of yourself in the nude. That, and if you're getting naked in the company of strangers, you're bound to show up on a website or two. I have no idea how much TMZ paid for those choice shots, but I'll bet it was enough for a Nexus 7 or two.

Still, I guess it's good to see us Brits aren’t all prudes; Price Harry, keeping the British end up -- just next time, ban phones and cameras, eh chap? [TMZ (NFSW) via Reuters]

Image credit: Prince Harry from Shutterstock