Rapidshare Want Third Party Linking Websites Shutdown

By Tom Pritchard on at

Speaking at the Technology Policy Institute forum in Aspen, Rapidshare's Chief Legal Officer, Daniel Raimer, called for a crackdown on third party websites that facilitate piracy by linking to infringing content to get around the lack of an internal search function -- basically, he said piracy isn't Rapidshare's fault, blame the linkers.

Raimer believes that file hosting websites are not the ones facilitating the share of illegal content, but rather, providing a legitimate cloud service for users to back up their own files. In his eye it's the linking websites that are the problem and should be tackled accordingly, which is a pretty dangerous game to play for the rest of the web. He went onto say that the US government should stop creating legislation to tackle piracy, and work towards voluntary industry agreements to prevent or at least limit the rate of online piracy -- somehow I doubt big media will swallow that one.

In response to the music industry's criticism of Rapidshare's recent 'Responsible Practices' document, Raimer believes that if law enforcement tackle the linking sites, copyright holders should have little to complain about. Frankly, he believes that Rapidshare's self-enforced measures are the absolute limit for File Hosting services, so big media should stop bothering it and go and pick on the pirates instead. Whether you think he's got a point or not, that's a pretty dangerous precedent to set. Google links to all sorts of things -- does that mean Google's a massive pirate? [Rapidshare via Torrent Freak]

Image credit: Pirates from Shutterstock