Royal Mail Paints Wrong Postbox Gold (Updated)

By Jon Partridge on at

Team GB has had a bit of a gold rush recently with medals coming left, right and centre; something which is keeping Royal Mail busy, as they're painting a postbox in each athlete's hometown gold. But it seems Royal Mail got a bit premature with the gold paint, as tweets from Olympic cycle champion Laura Trott say that they painted the wrong postbox gold.

Trott, who struck gold with fellow cyclists Dani King and Joanna Roswell in the team pursuit, tweeted that her hometown is Cheshunt, Herts, and not Harlow where the Royal Mail painted a box.

Tim Cowen, of Royal Mail, claimed that the mistake was made as her home town was listed as being Harlow on the Team GB website. He also said that the Royal Mail would be delighted to paint another box gold in Cheshunt as well. Let's just hope it's slightly more accurate with your Amazon parcels. [BBC]

Updated: @nickg_uk points out that the Team GB and London 2012 Olympic site is at fault for the error, as the Royal Mail was going from the info they had. Either way, more gold postboxes for everyone!

Image credit: oatsy40 from flickr