Rumour: Tents at the Ready, the iPhone 5 Will Arrive In-Store on September 21st

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you needed any further evidence that the iPhone 5 will launch next month, a German network has come out and confirmed it, while an American network pegs the potentially 4G-enabled phone arriving on store shelves on September 21st. Time to start queuing?

I bet someone's already desperate enough to start somewhere. Anyway, Mobilecom Debitel, a German carrier, sent out an email and put up a teaser confirming Apple's "next generation" iPhone is arriving in September, which we already knew of course, but it's nice to get some sort of confirmation from people who ought to be in the know. No doubt Apple's not going to look too kindly on one of its network partners blabbing, but Cupertino's secrecy service seems to be full of holes itself right now, so maybe it'll let it off with just a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, Verizon in the US has blocked people from taking holiday from Friday September 21st, backing up previous rumours, which pretty much confirms that at least it expects the iPhone to hit its stores in America then. Given that Apple normally rolls out its phones in the US and the UK simultaneously these days, we should be able to get our mitts on the iPhone 5 that Friday. Pre-orders are likely to go up on the day of the announcement, should you be truly desperate to upgrade, but for those who prefer the in-store, deeply embarrassing and entirely un-British applause you get on an Apple product launch day, maybe book the 21st off now? [9to5Mac, TechCrunch via TechRadar]