Rumour: The 7-inch iPad Mini Will Have a Super Thin Bezel and Look More Like an iPhone Than an iPad

By Casey Chan on at

9to5Mac and Daring Fireball are both connecting the dots in the Apple rumour trail and reporting that the rumoured 7.85-inch iPad mini would look more like a bigger iPhone than it would a smaller iPad. Which means, instead of having a uniform bezel around the edge of the display, it would have a much thinner bezel on the left and right side.

9to5Mac mocked up the image you see above and it illustrates the difference between a thin bezeled iPad mini and what many has long assumed the iPad mini would look like (a shrunken down version of the iPad). John Gruber, who is very well connected at Apple, is saying the same thing: though the aspect ratio of the display on this forthcoming iPad mini will be the same as the current iPad (4:3), the whole device may not be—and the change would shave the bezel on the side. [Daring Fireball, 9to5Mac]