Ex-Druggie Russell Brand Calls For Drugs to Become Available Through Chemists

By Jon Partridge on at

Everyday madman; ex-beau of Katy Perry, and the patron saint of skinny jeans, Russell Brand has stated that he thinks currently-illegal drugs should be "freely available" from your local chemist. A wrap of coke with your Boots-brand of Coke, then?

Not the first celebrity to make this request for a nation-wide change, Brand reckons drug laws should be adapted, as drugs would then be contained in a "controlled" environment and a register of drug addicts could be kept. He also thinks that drug-related theft would fall, keeping people out of prison and in recovery centres instead. Claiming it's an "issue that's like no other and is being treated in a weird way," it's obvious he is challenging society and how it deals with addiction, especially in comparison to legally-available "drugs" such as alcohol and cigarettes.

To an extent, I agree with him -- a controlled system could work much better, and addicts who want to seek help can get that help in a healthy way, but I'm not so confident about his claims that crime would fall. Chemists could then face attacks by gangs, who would see the stockpiles of drugs as a goldmine to sell illegally, and violence would rise up from there.

Campaigning for more abstinence-based recovery schemes instead of giving recovering addicts access to more drugs, such as methadone, is a worthy stance, however, with Brand commenting (in his usual fancy manner) that it's "like re-arranging the furniture on the Titanic." He has also said that it's none of his business if other people want to take drugs, and that he just wants to raise awareness of problems associated with addiction. Then again, you could just print your own.

It's a contentious issue, that much is certain. Do you think we should be able to nip down to Boots and Superdrug to pick up some crack? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. [BBC]