No Joke, Russia Is Storing Snow Underground For Its Own Winter Games

By Jon Partridge on at

As one sporting extravaganza closes, another is on the horizon. While we're not yet travelling to the sunny sights of Rio for a few more years, the Winter Olympics is fast approaching with the Russians playing host in Sochi.

Sochi is warmer than past Winter Olympics host cities, as the palm and magnolia trees show, yet organisers dismiss concerns about having enough snow for the games. To be safe, Russian officials have been chucking snow into underground storage for well over a year and expect to have 250,000 cubic metres saved up for the games. Just a precaution in case the 430 snow machines that are being used don't quite meet expectations...or so they're claiming. (Though what nefarious activities involving snow they could be planning, we're not sure.)

The economics and logistics for the Games, much like our own, are vast and impressive, and as this will be Russia's first major event since the collapse of the USSR, their pride is on the line. Let's just hope things stay cool, and we're not just talking about the snow. [The Wall Street Journal]

Image credit: Vladimir City from Shutterstock.