Sabu Is Still Working for the FBI

By Sam Biddle on at

It's been almost half a year since LulzSec mastermind Hector "Sabu" Monsegur turned on his people in one of the most dramatic turns of hacking history. And in order to get another half away from a judge, he's still snitching.

Wired reports Sabu's getting "a six-month reprieve from being sentenced on 12 counts of violating federal law" in exchange for continued work for the feds, strengthening their case against his former cohorts. Twelve counts sounds like a lot (and is!), but he's almost certainly getting a good deal from the FBI in exchange for flipping in the first place — as far as informants go, he's about as sweet as it gets.

We'll see in another half a year just how good of a deal he struck. [Wired via DarkReading]