Saints Row: The Third Is Your "PC Gaming FTW" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Once again, the deskbound PC gamers of this world are in a position to swoop for the bargains while the slack-jawed console owners lounge around on their sofa, scoffing cardboard-flavoured snacks because that’s all they can afford.

Meanwhile, the PC gamers are munching away on caviar and cheese scones because they only forked out £3.99 on Saints Row: The Third for their unfashionable machines. Maybe you can do the same today – although you might want to check out if your system can handle it with the help of this site first. As for the caviar and scones, you’ll have to provide your own…


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Kingston V200 256GB – just £104.99.
- Xbox Live Gold (12 months, plus 800 bonus points) – yours for £29.99.
- Sniper Elite V2 (PC) – 66% off at only £10.19.
- Step Up headphones – just £1.97.
- 42in LG HD plasma TV – only £298.99.
- 32GB SanDisk micro SDHC memory card – just £12.34 delivered.
- PC versions of Alan Wake - Standard Edition £5.74, Collector's Edition £6.74, American Nightmare £3.00 or full Franchise Pack for £7.75.
- GOJI headphones - just £5.97.


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