Samsung Slaps an Optical Zoom on a Smartphone with the Galaxy Camera

By Sam Gibbs on at

Why bother slapping Android on a point-and-shoot when you can just slap an optical zoom on your smartphone? At least that's what Samsung thought with its new Galaxy Camera, which has a colossal 21x optical zoom; a 16MP sensor, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at its heart.

The Galaxy Camera has a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touchscreen on the back and a full point-and-shoot body on the front. It's got a lot of touchscreen features, like being able to "draw things in light", but Samsung's goes one stage further and allows you to shout at your camera. That's right, this thing will obey your oral commands, like zoom, shoot, make me pretty*, which should turn those Facebook profile shots up a notch. Plus you can even remote control the camera via an Android app, which Samsung says is for making group shots a bit easier -- sounds like an excuse to turn it into a remote spy cam to me.

The Android-packing camera will also do full HD video, and 120FPS slow-mo, at an undisclosed resolution. Still, that's pretty impressive for any camera, let alone a point-and-shoot. It's got 3G and 4G, plus Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct for sharing your photos. It's just Jelly Bean underneath, so apps from the Play Store are go -- could this could be the best Instagramming snapper ever? Maybe.

*OK, maybe it's not that amazing.