Samsung's Got a Really Funny Idea of What Counts as "Small" and "Light"

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Galaxy Note 2 is incoming, and we'll see it at IFA next week, but first Samsung's treating us to a weird teaser video. Samsung seems to have things a tad confused too, because I certainly wouldn't call a 5.5-inch-plus phablet "small," and I'll bet it's not all that "light" either.

I, personally, was amazed anyone actually bought the original Note, but then I like to keep my tablet and phone separate. At any rate, it couldn't be called small, that's for sure, and it wasn't exactly light in terms of phones, which is what Samsung marketed it as. So it's strange that the South Koreans are pushing "such a small and light thing" in their latest teaser. Maybe we're going to see a mini Note too? Now that really would be utterly pointless. [YouTube]

Thanks Frank!