Scrabble Cheater Cheats at National Championships

By Jon Partridge on at

Cheating in the living room is one thing, but getting kicked out of a national championship for cheating is something else completely and definitely has to be a pretty low point in life, as one top US Scrabble player found after he was caught hiding blank letter tiles.

John Williams, who has served as executive director for 25 years, said that a young male player was ejected in round 24 out of the 28-round event, and that this was the first incident of cheating at a national tournament at such a high level.

The cheater was caught out by a player at a neighbouring table, who noticed that he was concealing blank tiles by dropping them on the floor. When confronted by Williams, he then admitted to the cheating, according to the organisers. The kid was competing in Division Three out of four, and while not quite massively top-flight, Division Three is still pretty darn good and equivalent to "any great living-room player."

The top prize for winning the tournament was a smacking $10,000 (£6,400), so he probably had good reason to cheat. I wonder what he's like at Monopoly then? [The Guardian]

Image credit: Orange Scrabble from Shutterstock