Sky Sports Adds Dual-Screen Stats for New Premier League Season

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky has fiddled with its iPad Sky Sports app for the new footie season, rubbing it down with the magic sponge and adding dual-screen features to make watching John Terry whinge his way through an afternoon even more... enjoyable.

The updated Sky Sports iPad app now contains what it calls a Football Match Centre, which will spring into life whenever Sky shows a Premier League match. It contains the sort of live stats you hear the commentators waffling on about, showing data for shots on target, passing success and who's been booked, plus there's the pre-match stuff like squad listings, profiles and more, all copying the rather good F1 in-race coverage options.

If you've not recently switched all your sporting allegiances to following the taekwondo and kayaking, it's up on iTunes now. [iTunes via Techradar]