Sky+ Update Lets You Use Your iPad as a Remote Control

By Jon Partridge on at

If you happen to own both Sky+ HD and an iPad, you can now control the former with the latter, as Sky have rolled out an update for the Sky+ App for iPad that will turn your Apple slate into a massive remote control.

Gestures such as swiping and tapping allow you to pause, play and rewind TV, as well as being able to change channels. The app update also lets you see what's stored on the Sky+ planner, and you can make changes without disrupting any TV viewing. You can also use the app to browse through the TV Guide to then select which shows you fancy recording to watch at a later date. It sounds pretty nifty, but just make sure your digibox is hooked up to your network, otherwise you'll be controlling nothing.

Sky also has some more plans in the works for the iPad app, utilising zeebox and including second screen functionality to make viewings all the more interactive. It all sounds pretty nifty, but what about our Android brethren? Do they not get the same Sky+ loving either? Your call Sky. [Sky]