Sony Keeps Hush-Hush on the New HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer

By Jon Partridge on at

Anyone remember the HMZ-T1? No? Kinda? Err, that Sony 3D device you plonk on your head? Yes? Well, erm, Sony have quietly snuck in the next-generation of the HMZ series to IFA, which is dubbed the HMZ-T2, and not only does it looks pretty much exactly the same, but it also has very similar specs too. Hmm.

Quietly buried under press release after press release, and not even mentioned on stage at Sony's conference, the T2 offers a pair of 0.7-inch OLED monitors that give you 45 degrees of 3D gloriousness. The T2 also features the same Virtualphones tech that was present in the first iteration that creates a pretty sweet 360-degree 5.1 surround sound system illusion. The main difference to the T1, however, is that the design has been tweaked a fair bit to make it lighter and more comfortable too. [Engadget]