Sony's New eReader Is Light, Pleasant, and Massively Late to the Game

By Kyle Wagner on at

Sony's got a new ereader. It's actually quite nice. It's just not as nice as all the other ereaders that are either out or about to be out. And sadly, it's more expensive than its direct competitors, too. Poor Sony.

The PRS-T2 (real catchy, guys) is a 6-inch e-ink reader with a touchscreen. It's also got the pretty much standard two month battery life and 2GB of storage. While its UK price has not yet been shared, over in the US it's going to be $130 -- more than a Kindle, basically.

The big feature Sony's pushing is the ability to yank clips from books you buy through Sony's store (naturally) and stick them on Facebook or Evernote. Which uhh, points for effort? Oh, and if you buy the matte black one you can get a code for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from Pottermore. Which is something, I guess.

It's too bad. The PRS-T2 is a perfectly nice, usable reader. It's just about a year too late to really have a chance. [Sony]