Sony's NEX-5R Adds Apps (But No Android) to its DSLR-Like Shooter

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sony's much-loved NEX-5 line is getting a boost from, err, apps, with the NEX-5R. Packing a 16.1MP APS-C sensor; super-fast hybrid auto-focus; Wi-Fi, and a diminutive frame, it could be the compact camera of choice for the travelling snapper.

OK, so the apps are a bit of a gimmick, mainly revolving around photo editing, adding picture frames or Instagram-like filters -- something cameras have been doing for donkeys, just not under the term "app". There's scope for more apps, in fact Sony has a time-lapse and panorama app on the way, but really its all stuff you've been able to do before, and, unfortunately, there's no Android to play with, unlike Nikon's new Coolpix.  Sony's added Wi-Fi though, for transferring photos, including to Sony's PlayMemories iPhone and Android apps, which could be pretty handy.

Sony's also throwing in its first compact system camera hybrid auto-focus into the mix too, which uses both phase- and contrast-detection for quicker locks with fine-grain focus, if needed. Coupling that with the APS-C sensor; 10 frames per second burst fire; full HD video, and an ISO up to 25600, the NEX-5R might well be worth a look come October, if you're looking to upgrade, or shrink, your photo equipment in the near future.