Spider Lives In Woman's Ear For a Whole Five Days

By Jon Partridge on at

I'm a grown man, yet, along with a lot of other people (read: the world), spiders creep me the fudge out. Eurghh. So, upon seeing this, my mind immediately took me to a land of happy rainbows and fluffy bunnies to keep me away from the horrible, horrible reality that is this story. I hope your ears are clean, because for a woman only known as 'Ms. Lee", her ear was home to a spider for five whole days.

While I'm normally pretty carefree about spiders in my room when I sleep (I'll get them in the morning, so I say), I know for a fact I'm going to roll up a newspaper before I go to bed tonight. Yet, Ms. Lee most likely did not have that liberty or forewarning. No, for when she visited China's Chengsha Central Hospital, she was in for a massive shock where she almost started crying. I don't blame her. Checking into the hospital with an "itchy ear", doctors informed her that she had a small spider living inside her ear canal, which had crawled in whilst she was sleeping.

Upon closer inspection, the horror was realised in photographic form, as pictures of the patient's ear canal revealed the eight-legged arachnid peering at the camera to disbelief of both the doctor and patient. Doctors flushed out the spider with saline solution, amidst fears that it may try to drill in deeper into the ear canal. Lovely. I don't know about you, but I hate spiders. [Rednet via io9]

Photo from Xiaoxiang Morning News.