Sponsorship-Gone-Mad Flame Passes to James Bond Coke

By Gary Cutlack on at

Now the Olympics and its crazed corporate branding madness has receded it's time for others to get in on the capitalist sponsorship money-grab, with Coke revealing plans for special Skyfall-branded cans of its popular brown fluid.

The Coke campaign will ask drinkers to "Unlock The 007 In You" by sipping on a can or bottle of Coke Zero, just like James Bond might do were he to be ordered off the booze by his doctor. We hope this doesn't mean there will be a clumsy interlude in the movie, in which Bond stops hitting a villain in the face, flips a pound coin into a vending machine (camera rotates around coin in mid-air in bullet time before it flies into the slot) and enjoys a refreshing and invigorating cola.

Skyfall and its massive accompanying entourage of brand awareness opportunities arrives in the UK on October 26th. [PopSop via Switched On Set]