StoryBundle Gives You Five Indie Books For Whatever You Want

By Jon Partridge on at

If you like to read, and you like to pay as little as possible, then check this out. It's called StoryBundle and it's pretty awesome, though that's a given considering it's the brainchild of former Gizmodo editor Jason Chen. StoryBundle is not too dissimilar from the indie game bundle series, The Humble Indie Bundle, but instead it's for ebooks -- pay what you want for awesome indie works.

With StoryBundle, you can pay however much you want, and get seven books in one bundle from five different authors. Sweet. The books are digital and DRM-free, meaning you can stick them on any of your devices and they come in both .epub and .mobi formats too. It's a great platform for indie writers to get their writing out to the masses, and it definitely looks like it'll be a great source for hungry readers like me. [StoryBundle]