Apple's iOS 6 Confirms Stretched iPhone 5 Screens Look Exactly How You Would Expect

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like Apple's pretty much confirmed that the iPhone 5 will come with a taller screen. The latest iOS 6 beta is primed and ready to output a fully-fitted 640x1136 interface when tricked into thinking it's running on a taller, 4-inch screen. Not surprisingly, it looks just like the original, only marginally taller.

Everything built using things like Apple's "TableViews" scale automatically, which you can see in the contacts app. The home screen acts as you might expect too, pumping out an extra row taking it to 16 apps within a home screen folder, up from the usual 12.

Non-optimised apps, in this case ported over from the iOS 5 simulator to the tweaked iOS 6 emulator, run with black bars at the top and bottom. It's unclear whether this is going to be the route Apple takes with non-conforming apps, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Still, I'm not sure what people were expecting, but that's pretty much in line with what I was anticipating a stretched iOS 6 would look like (jump on over to 9to5Mac to see more screens). Let's hope Apple puts a bit of thought into that extra space and some day (I'm still hoping) gives us quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other settings we currently have to jailbreak to get. Come on Apple, every other platform has it -- get with the program, OK? [9to5MacĀ 1, 2]