SurfTheChannel Pirate Gets Four Years Behind Bars

By Jon Partridge on at

As we commented on yesterday, owner Anton Vickerman has been thrown behind bars, only now we've discovered he's set for a spell in jail for four years on account of conspiracy to defraud.

Although the site did not host any illegal content, it merely provided links to streamable video content via other websites, and as a result Vickerman was not actually charged with copyright offences. Regardless, he has a few years behind bars for his actions and work related to the site. Pirate Party leader Loz Kaye was less enthralled about the sentence, stating "the way this issue was investigated, prosecuted and the resulting sentence are, deeply concerning, inappropriate and disproportionate given the activities that Anton Vickerman was engaged in." He leads on to say that "a four-year prison sentence is twice the maximum that could have been handed down if Vickerman had been charged with online copyright infringement."

What do you guys think, 'reckon the sentence fits the crime or do you think he should have been charged less, and should have been sentenced more in line with what Loz Kaye thinks? Sound off in the comments. [ZDNet]

Image credit: Piracy from Shutterstock