Take a Gander at the Extremely Unsexy Truth Behind the "Shag a Gamer" Website

By Jon Partridge on at

Anyone remember that pretty piss-poor excuse for a casual sex site, aptly named Shag a Gamer? Well, the brave souls over at PCGamesN dove straight into the deep end so you can to take a peek at whether it's really packed full of hardcore gamers, or if the site is just plain dire. I'm betting on the latter.

Steve Hogarty, armed with his credit card and a strong desire to get down to the truth, boldly went where no man had probably even thought about going before. He signed up, a whole paid account and all, for the sake of a bit of investigative journalism, and to potentially scope out gaming's finest.

"I signed up to Shag a Gamer just over two weeks ago, exactly how Louis Theroux might, and in the space of a fortnight I’ve received no fewer than 330 private messages, all of them from girls with names like ‘Sweety’, ‘Babs’, ‘Lola’ and ‘Coco’ - names I’ve never heard of a real woman having before, despite knowing loads of my mum’s friends. Often, the subject headers from these women will repeat over and over again, as if generated by a sexy algorithm: “Show me the ropes?” is a common one, as well as the more relaxed sounding “I’m just taking it easy”. Yeah alright Casanovatron. Cool your jets, HAL-9000."

The whole exposé is well worth a read, and it even takes a peek into the seedy business of online dating. While I have no fears that the site will rise up to become a hotbed of horny gamers, all gagging for some kind of controller-supplemented orgy; I'm glad I can rest easy knowing that such a poor excuse for a 'dating' website is just as crap as you would assume. Thankfully, we're not missing out on anything. But I wonder what niche is next up -- Shag a Tech Journalist? Oh, the horror. [PCGamesN]