Tesco's 25p Red Bull Rival Means Jägerbombs are Now Even Cheaper

By Jon Partridge on at

Tesco has recently launched a 25p energy drink that can't possibly be worse than anything it currently stocks on its shelves. Hailing from Poland and dubbed N-Gine Blue, it even sounds pretty vile, but hey, cheaper Jägerbombs are better for everyone, right?

The 250ml of cheap, energy-fuelling, er, liquid is even cheaper than a similar energy drink, Emerge, from Asda which costs a massive 5p more at 30p. With Tesco undercutting its rivals, there have been concerns that these budget products are actually devaluing the market as a whole. Some suppliers reckon that consumers who become a bit more resilient to the naff-tasting cheaper drinks won't bother splashing out for the more costly -- and probably somewhat tastier -- energy drinks and brands such as Red Bull and Monster.

Meanwhile, these super-dirt-cheap energy drinks are actually the cause of a 10.1 per cent growth in volume in the market. All I know is that they're probably going to be the cause of a few more drunk people with a little bit more cash in their pocket. [Metro]

Image credit: The Grocer.co.uk