The Anonymous Guide to Hiding From Facial Recognition, or the Long Arm of the Law

By Tom Pritchard on at

Those rapscallions at Anonymous definitely like to live their lives with outward privacy; their less than subtle ways of masking their identity have become totally ingrained in the public consciousness. Their new educational video aims to help the paranoid hide away from facial recognition software in various ways, from being devilishly subtle to downright insane.

1. Wear a clear plastic mask
One step down from the Guy Fawkes mask now associated with the infamous group, this allows people around you to see who you are but cameras can't detect your facial features. Not a bad way to go, as long as you don't mind looking like a serial killer from a low budget slasher flick.

2. Tilt your head at a 15 degree angle
For some reason, keeping your head at this angle stops cameras from realising that you have a face -- handy if you don't mind the associated neck problems. On the downside people, will probably treat you like some sort of mental patient on the street.

3. Make up
Camouflage your face with makeup preventing cameras from realising you're human. Possible, but time consuming I'll bet. It does come with the added bonus of making you look like an anime fanatic, though.

4. Laser pointers
As anyone who paid attention during the opening scenes of TRON:Legacy will know, security cameras don't function too well with lasers blasting at them and temporarily shut down to save burnt out optics. This is probably the most ineffective method in the video, if you're on the move having to find and blind every camera that is. Still, it could be rather handy if you're opting to break into ENCOM and leak its OS onto the internet any time soon*.

5. Infra-Red LED hat
The most subtle way Anonymous suggests, involving a small circuit of Infra-red LED lights that are invisible to the naked eye, but on camera it covers up the face with a nice white blur. Not a bad way to go, but can I do it without having to wear a silly hat -- maybe an LED tiara, or even a pair of bulbous spectacles.

Those are the officially Anonymous-approved ways to beat facial recognition, extreme as always, but could be useful if you're ever on the lamb or just want to live off the grid -- no using Google then, OK? Or maybe you just want to mess around with the many facial recognition apps out there. [Russia Today Via Gizmodo AU]

* Gizmodo UK does not condone or support breaking into fictional corporations with the aid of a laser pointer. Though kudos if you do. Pics or it didn't happen, okay?