The Black Samsung Galaxy S III Looks Super Smart and Svelte and Is Ready For Your Pre-Order

By Jon Partridge on at

I've got to say that the Samsung Galaxy S III is quite the pretty little thing (in the blue colourway, anyway -- we're still not that impressed by the cheapness of the white one), but could it look even more dapper draped in a formal all-black ensemble? Let's see.

Samsung threw some pictures of a black Galaxy S III up on their Facebook page the other week -- making everyone who owns an Android device stop and stare for a few seconds -- prompting lots of questions as to when that specific colour would be on its way to fiendish hands. Thankfully, UK smartphone retailer MobileFun has chucked up a pre-order page for the black edition of the phone on their site, stating that the lusty handset will be on its way in the next four to six weeks. Ace. [SlashGear]