The iPhone 5 Might Come Packing a Fancy New A6 Chip, Maybe

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Apple leaks continue, this time a super sketchy photo of an iPhone 5 logic board, apparently packing a brand new A6 processor. It could make sense, given the iPhone 5 doesn't need the graphics power of the A5X currently in the retina iPad, so is this the new chip to make iOS 6 absolutely blazing?

It's definitely on the plausible side of rumour mill, but that photo is just a bit too blurry to put  any real confidence in. Still, if Apple was to step it up for the iPhone 5 in the processor stakes, which you assume it will have to, a new A6 chip is a logical step, given the A5X is just an A5 with a beastly GPU to handle iPad's retina display.

Call it rumour for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if this one turns out to be true. Let’s just hope it's both powerful and power-sipping, because who wants a phone that dies mid-way through the day? [9to5Mac]