The iPhone 5's 8-Pin Connector Could Finally Bring an End to the "Which Way Is Up?" Conundrum

By Sam Gibbs on at

Here's tasty titbit on top of a rumoured even-smaller 8-pin connector for Apple's next iPhone. It could have 8-pins on both sides of the cable, meaning it wouldn't matter which way you plugged it in, finally removing the blasted fumbling needed to get the damn thing connected the right way up.

I don't know about you, but in the dark of the night, when I go to plug my phone in by the bed, I always, without fail, end up trying to plug the connector in the wrong way up. Whether it's microUSB or Apple's dock connector, it's always a tedious fumble of which way is up. It's meant to be 50:50 whether you get it right each time, but it feels more like 90:10 to me -- almost always the wrong way. Things were so much simpler when it was just a circular power plug and not some fancy all-in-one data/power connector.

Anyway, I'm all for this. A new small connector that doesn't matter which way up it is -- that's better than microUSB. In fact, why doesn’t USB have that -- it would make everyone's life easier. [iLounge]