The Kisai Upload Securely Stores Your Secret Files

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Laptops gets stolen, hard drives fail, and thumb drives disapparate with unrelenting regularity. But with the Kisai Upload, you can keep your most precious power point presentations (read: porn) safely strapped to your wrist.

The Upload is Tokyo Flash's latest user-submitted design offering. It features a low-angle, tilt-to-read LCD screen that's surprisingly easy to decipher and doesn't require you to find the sail boat in order to tell the time. It displays on a natural, blue, green, or gold background secured with a black or stainless steel band.

The Upload's true value, however, hides under the rear bezel in the form of a MicroSD card. It comes with a 2GB card pre-installed but can easily be replaced with another of any capacity. What's more it utilises a USB cable to both transfer data and recharge the Li-ion battery—just a 3.5 hour session will keep the watch running for months.

The Kisai Upload is available for £94 today, over at Tokyo Flash