PlayStation 4 to Pump Out Visuals in Colossal 4K Resolution?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Home 3D is dead, or might as well be, what with the poor sales of 3D compatible devices -- especially now Sony is reportedly working on releasing a new 80-inch TV with 4K resolution. It's hardly surprising that this has sparked new rumours on whether or not the yet-to-be-announced PlayStation 4 will support 4K resolution.

For those of you who don't know, 4K blasts out a 4096x3072 resolution, way beyond the current standard 1,920×1,080 most TVs are capable of now. Obviously this new rumour joins a host of others that are circulating the web, however this could well be close to the truth, since 1080p has been commercially available for at least a decade. Time for an upgrade, then. In any case, 4K could be a huge advantage to the PS4; future-proof it, and give it a huge boost in graphical prowess over its non-4K next-gen rivals. [BGR]